“Wireless” Security Cameras

There are tons of “wireless” security cameras on the market, but not all of them are actually wireless, and it’s kind of misleading. If you do a quick search of wireless cameras one of the first things to pop up is the Nest outdoor camera. The Nest camera has really good clarity and their app is easy to use. Also the camera like most “wireless” cameras communicates wirelessly to your router or gateway, to enable viewing the cameras remotely. However the camera has to plug into power. Not a bad thing if you plan on sitting the camera on a table inside, but if you plan on installing the outdoor camera, outdoors then it can be a little tricky.

My suggestion if you would like a wireless camera that is actually wireless is the Arlo security camera system. These cameras are actually wire free! They are battery powered so there is no power cord, they communicate to their base wirelessly so there is no need to run an ethernet cable. The installation for the cameras is a breeze.

  1. Download the app
  2. Create an account
  3. Connect cameras to base
  4. Install one screw magnetic mount (if you’re brave) wherever you would like the cameras. It is literally one screw for that bracket. my suggestion is to spend the extra bit of change and upgrade the bracket to the non magnetic one for another 20 bucks to protect your investment. Because the camera can easily be knocked off the bracket by a strike of a branch.
  5. Enjoy your new cameras